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The Race for the Golden Peanut

An engaging and motivating US math competition for all K12 students!

6th of May - 17th of May 2024

Boost your class' motivation and enthusiasm for mathematics by participating in The Race for the Golden Peanut!

  • Completely free to participate

  • Get started in only 5 minutes

  • Easy to facilitate for you as a teacher

  • Students make up to 20x as many assignments

  • For every students no matter their level

  • Special prize for the top class

"The class is thrilled with the app, and they have truly gained motivation to do mathematics! Which is really impressive for the class, considering the challenges they've faced"


Math teacher

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The innovative math platform from Scandinavia is coming to the US!

Will your class be the next champions?

The US National Math Competition

From 6th of May - 17th of May 2024

  • When you sign up for the competition, your students can download the app and start playing right away.

  • Each time they solve math problems, they earn points for the whole class.

  • They can play individually and learn new topics or compete against each other.

  • You can follow along on the leaderboards to see how your class is doing.

  • Sign up for the competition and teach mathematics in a new, fun, and social way!

Worlds first platform to...


Eliminate students' fear of mathematics

Approximately 20% of School students experience fear of mathematics, but through the use of gamification and storytelling, we have made mathematics fun and easy to get started with.


Encourage math engagement outside of school

Low effort and high convenience encourages students to take out their phone and practice their math skills.


Turn mathematics into a team sport

Mathematics has always been a single-player game, but now you can finally learn mathematics in a fun and engaging way together with your friends.

What do teachers and students say about the platform?

"The students are solving 20 times as many calculations as usual since we started using the Planet Peanuts app."


Math teacher from Gåsetårnsskolen

"Everyone talked about it. It was like the highlight of the day that we had to play it together."


Student from Forældreskolen

"The students became very engaged in earning points for the class. Everyone felt they were contributing to the community, and no one felt better than others."


Math teacher from Kirkebækkeskolen

"I feel like I've gotten better at mathematics. Also because you could choose which theme you wanted to practice."


Student from Forældreskolen